Sustainable Land Management is simply about people looking after the land – for the present and for the future

Sustainable Land Management (SLM) means maintaining healthy land resources – soil, water, vegetation, and animals – including their productive functions (e.g. food security), ecological functions (e.g. water, nutrient, and carbon cycles), and biodiversity.

The video below provides a short introduction to the WOCAT Network. WOCAT (World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies) is an established global network which supports innovation and decision-making processes in Sustainable Land Management (SLM):

The new WOCAT tablet app presents good practices, ranging from orchard-based agroforestry in Tajikistan to rooftop rainwater harvesting in Nepal and sand dams in Kenya.

How to read the map:
Good practices of SLM are mapped below.
For more information you can click on the green points in the map.
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Download the new WOCAT tablet app
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Further information on SLM and WOCAT:
Official WOCAT webpage
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