Joint Action for Sustainable Development –
A storymap

Joint Action for Sustainable Development – A storymap.
The Eastern and Southern Africa Partnership Programme (ESAPP) was launched in 1999 and concluded in 2015. This storymap summarizes experiences and knowledge gained from 15 years of partnership-based research and action in Africa


Socio-Economic Atlas of Kenya

Where in Kenya are most people poor, and where are the most poor people? Is Kenya’s richest county also the one with …


Migration patterns in Nepal: where do people go to for work

What remittances are there in the Nepali context? How can migration flowpaths be visualized? Who and how many travel to what country for what reason? We try to visually describe migration flows from villages of origin in Nepal to people’s respective destinations. At a glance migration clusters can be seen in this circlized migration graph. Distribution of migration from different villages is visible at once.